Classes to Balance Your Body and Mind

Imagine a class that combines yoga, Pilates, core training, body awareness, and breathwork. Then add exercises proven to improve alignment, balance, and function. Next, blend practices into the class that calm the nervous system and expose the mind to new perspectives on chronic pain and healing. The yield of this mixture is Posture Fitness Class. And it’s available to you.

Evolution of Posture Fitness Class

I began teaching in-person Posture Fitness classes over 15 years ago. In the beginning, these classes consisted almost entirely of Egoscue Method© positions and exercises. These classes provided people with an introduction to posture therapy and the changes that could be achieved with these techniques. Experiencing personal transformation in your body is far superior to reading or hearing about it. Additionally, these classes were a marketing tool that brought me new private clients.

The content of the class evolved as I learned more. In the early 2000’s I began studying with the Postural Restoration Institute© (PRI). During this time, breath became a consistent emphasis in class as I combined it with the Egoscue© exercises and later added PRI breathing techniques. In my quest to learn more about posture and expand my exercise repertoire, I explored Alexander Technique,© Feldenkrais Method,© Hanna Somatics©, Liz Koch’s CoreAwareness,™ and more . . . all of which are represented in some of the classes. New class additions were not limited to physical exercises.

As I gained a greater understanding of the relationship between the nervous system and healing, I slowly added calming practices to class. Breathing practices like box breathing, alternating nostril breathing, and elongated exhales are done to engage the relaxation response. Mindfulness, meditation, and self-compassion can also be experienced in various classes. Most recently, I have been studying pain science. These principles can be heard in class. And we can’t forget that I started my career as a Fitness Specialist and always had a fondness for conditioning.

Although the class is called “Posture Fitness,” it provides much more than just improving bodily alignment. Hence, the “Fitness” part of the title. Some synonyms for fitness include vitality, stamina, robustness, agility, and wellness. Obviously, these are all attractive attributes we strive to achieve. They are all possible when we are in a balanced, relaxed, and healthy position in body and mind.

In addition, “Fitness” is gained through hard, consistent work, so some of these classes are challenging. Nearly all classes include core work. The glutes, which have a tendency to shut off (read the blog: Why do glutes shut off?) and the upper back, which often needs conditioning, are also frequently targeted. You may be sore in places where you didn’t know you had muscles! 

As class continued to grow and evolve, the pandemic hit in March 2020. Without missing a class, I scrambled to figure out how to teach online in three days. I didn’t put much thought into my long-term plan for online teaching. Rather, my sole focus was to keep offering classes for my students during this very strange time. Teaching remote classes soon became the norm. Everybody was doing it and trying to make a go on this new platform. After 18 months of teaching free, twice-weekly classes, I launched a subscription website that included one live class and a library of on-demand recordings. 

However, a subscription website creates a constant pressure to generate new content. For me that meant teaching weekly classes with no extended breaks. I believe these classes kept us connected and in a healthy routine during the isolation of shutdown. However, the burden of this consistent class schedule has taken its toll. Thus, I have decided to discontinue teaching regular Posture Fitness classes. With this ending, though, comes a beginning and a new opportunity. Read on.

Lifetime Class Access. No Subscription.

Because of my consistent teaching during the pandemic and beyond, 92 hour-long Posture Fitness classes are recorded and now available to you for a one-time fee. 

Introducing The Pain Free Posture Hub

Take all my classes online or through the Kajabi app. Practice exercises that will keep your body balanced, strong, and aligned anytime, anywhere. Categorized classes, descriptive titles, and detailed explanations make it easy for you to select the right class. Classes are organized by body part in the follow categories:

  • Back, Core and Spine
  • Upper Body (head, neck & shoulders)
  • Lower Body (knees and legs)
  • Hips and Pelvis
  • Feet and Walking
  • Whole Body
  • Conditioning

Life-time access to these classes is $199. This is a great deal. Years ago, I paid nearly $20 for two ~45-minute posture classes on DVD. Experience a short snippet of my classes by viewing the LIVE Posture Fitness Class Excerpts on YouTube.  

Equipment Package Offer

The right equipment enhances your ability to perform the exercises. Additionally, it gives you no excuses to get started! The first five people that order The Pain Free Posture Hub will receive the following gently-used equipment package:

  • 1 Small Foam Block (blue, tan, silver)
  • 1 Non-elastic Strap with Buckle (blue, brown, black, purple)
  • 2 Inflatable Positioning Rolls (blue, tan)

$60+ value and free shipping.

I will contact the lucky five customers via email after purchase for package selection and shipping information.

Posture Fitness classes are a great way to keep your body in shape for activity. I do these exercises regularly to support my sporty lifestyle, and I am happy to offer this extensive library of classes to you. Take advantage of the equipment package offer and get started today.


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Jessica uses an integrative approach to help you overcome chronic pain. She believes in treating the whole person utilizing the biopsychosocial approach to healing. Her offerings include posture therapy, online exercise classes, pain science education, and individual or group wellness coaching. She is certified by the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI), Egoscue University®, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Wellcoaches.