I am excited to announce the pre-launch of The Pain Free Athlete membership website. The site officially launches on October 1, 2021. The creation of this website is one of the benefits of Covid-19. A year and a half ago, I moved all of my in-person classes to Zoom. Then, I transitioned to working with my individual clients exclusively online. A bonus of this format is that people from around the globe can attend class and personally work with me. This seems to be the way of the future! Clearly, my business is changing with the times. And, it continues to evolve.

What is a Membership Website?

It is simply a website that has restricted content that’s only accessible with a membership. Many online newspapers are membership-based, where the content is placed behind a paywall. In other words, you cannot read the content of the paper without a membership. On a membership website, you can access updated content on a regular basis in exchange for a monthly fee.

The Pain Free Athlete website’s main content will include both blogs and online classes. The blogs will remain freely accessible on the website. However, the Posture Fitness Classes will move behind a paywall. In other words, you’ll need a membership to access them. While this change clearly benefits me, it also benefits you! Here’s how.

  • On-Demand classes to watch on your own schedule. Currently, you can only see one at a time.  Now you’ll be able to select from a full archive of classes.
  • Improved recording quality where you only see me (the instructor) in the recording.
  • If you have been donating, you’ll potentially have a lower cost and less hassle of having to schedule donations.
  • New! Topic-specific Instructor-Led Courses with classes of different lengths and intensity levels.

I want to thank anyone who has ever attended one of my Posture Fitness Classes, especially if you have been with me in the past 18 months. I am so grateful that you have continued to support me through this pandemic. You have given me the confidence to take this next step with my teaching. I hope this new format, which has expanded class access and offerings, works well for you.

Now, here are the specifics on what you need to do!

Memberships for Online Posture Fitness Classes

After 18 months of offering my Posture Fitness class LIVE online at no charge, I am transitioning to a membership model. Starting on October 4, 2021, you’ll need a membership in order to join the class. This pre-launch period (September 15-30) is intended to give you the opportunity to read about and register for a membership before the October 4 class. Check out the membership page.

Three membership levels are available.

  • Starter @ $19/month: Class Recordings Only
  • Growth @ $29/month: Class Recordings + LIVE classes
  • Pro @ $49/month: Class Recordings + LIVE classes + Instructor-led, topic-specific courses

What are Instructor-Led Courses?

Essentially, these are classes targeted at specific postural deviations or pain conditions, such as shoulders, feet and back. The courses include classes of different lengths and in different positions. Like the LIVE class recordings, they are available for on-demand viewing. The first two courses available will be Fixing Rounded Shoulders and Building a Strong Core. These courses will not be available until the official launch on October 1, 2021. More information.

Timeline: What you need to know

  • Nothing changes until October 4.
    • From September 16 – 30 classes continue to be offered for free on Mondays and Thursdays @ 11:30 am MT.
    • Until October 4 full class recordings are posted on YouTube for free viewing.
  • On October 4 and onward
    • You’ll need a membership to attend the LIVE classes and watch the recordings.
    • LIVE classes are only offered once a week on Mondays @ 11:30 am MT.
    • The link you are currently using to access the class will not be valid. When you sign up for a membership, you will receive an email with instructions to access the class containing the new link.

 There is a 14-day free trial period from the day you sign up for your membership. You can register for a membership starting today and have instant access to all class recordings beginning with August 2021 (11 classes currently). Each LIVE class recording is added to your membership.

Changes to 1:1 Sessions

Although the membership aspect of the website won’t affect my private sessions, I am making some changes to them. I wanted to be upfront with you on these changes and not just put them on the website without some explanation.

Basically, I am simplifying. If you noticed on my prior site, I had many services and packages. It was a bit much to keep track of, even for me. To make it easier, I am offering 1:1 Coaching Sessions where clients can tap into my expertise in any area. In essence, you will be paying for my time, but you can use it however you’d like. You’ll notice on My Methods page that I have listed the areas we can explore.

  • Posture Therapy Exercises
  • Pain Science Education
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Strength, Conditioning & Technique

Sessions are not limited to one area. For example, we could talk about your posture program, create wellness goals around sleep, and review your running form. This follows my philosophy of treating the whole person to help you overcome chronic pain.

Because the 1:1 Coaching Sessions will provide more client benefit, they will also cost a bit more. Price increases are as follows:

Your investment

In-Person Online
New Client Session 2 hours $250 $225
Follow-up Session 90 minutes $175 $150

Note: Current clients will be grandfathered in and not subject to these new prices.

Moving Forward Together!

I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with these changes. I know it can be hard when things are different. However, we only grow with change. Socrates said it well.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates

Join with me to build the new and help more people overcome their chronic pain!

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Jessica uses an integrative approach to help you overcome chronic pain. She believes in treating the whole person utilizing the biopsychosocial approach to healing. Her offerings include posture therapy, online exercise classes, pain science education, and individual or group wellness coaching. She is certified by the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI), Egoscue University®, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Wellcoaches.